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Our goal is to close the IT gap between enterprise and small financial institutions Take a Look
CaaS [ka-as] abbr. Compliance as a Service Use your data to automate tedious reportings. Let us generate documents for the FSA. Take a Look Focus on what you do best Did you join the finance industry to do compliance? Or generate reportings?
Probably not. But we did.
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Compliance as a Service.

Regulation and requirements surrounding financial services is complex and constantly changing. As markets move, so does the legislation. With diverse clients it can be tough to stay on top of compliance.

In the crowded space of regulation, Performativ helps you stay on top of all current regulation. We make sure you are – not just – compliant, but ready for future legislative measures.

In terms of onboarding your clients, we support both you and your clients in providing, processing and storing of sensitive documents. Both in terms of financial data, but also documents needed for KYC purposes. We store them safely and GDPR-compliant. We also make sure you never store data, you had to delete.
We support you continously in your reportings to your local FSA – with most of the MiFID2 measures being available in a single click.


Give your new clients a professional welcoming

As a Business Development employee your strategy is to get new business. Not to stay on top of KYC measures and providing onboarding packages.

With Performativ, we’ll make sure you streamline your flow while still maintaining your high-quality brand identity. We’ll make sure your clients feel safe when submitting required sensitive documents to you.

Behind the scenes, we will use best-in-class Artificial Intelligence to verify the documents validity, verify their relevance and inform you and your team in the process.

Client Reportings Online

Make sure your clients are always in the know about how their portfolio is doing. With Performativ, your clients have 24/7 access to their portfolio performance and asset allocation. Maybe your organization don’t carry out trade yourselves? As the only tool on the market, Performativ can read portfolios directly from your depositary banks. We have data on all liquid instruments including funds.

Offer iliquid strategies? Submit pricing information through our API or using our Excel-enabled online pricing editor.

Save ink and clicks

Performativ allows you to upload Microsoft Word files as templates, and tailor them to your needs with one click. Need signatures for carrying out a trade? Click. Prefill CRS & FATCA forms? Click.

Your investors will recieve a notification and sign the prefilled documents with their eID (NemID, BankID etc), on-screen or by hand if needed.

With Performativ, you don’t have to swap back and forth from a signatures provider. Everything is done in one click.


That time of year x4

How long do you actually spent on compliance? External consultants? Lawyers?

Performativ out of the box supports FSA reporting for Danish investment advisors. Together with our in- and external team of experts, auditors and  lawyers, we can support your FAIF or AIF. Are you subject to other reporting requirement, let us help with automating your business through data and computer power.

We explore.
We innovate.

Ages ago, enterprise retail banks found the source to slimming costs and (for some) improving the banking experience by utilizing data, computers and the internet.
Our goal is to get the independent institutions to the next level also.

We believe that our product can improve your product, slim your costs and significantly reduce your operational risk. Our product is one of the most flexible solutions on the market, and we can tailor the platfor exactly to your needs.
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We’re a recently launched start-up focusing solely on this one question: How do we use computers and data to make smaller financial institutions products better? The answer we came up with: Innovation.
Working in the asset management industry our selves, we found no product really did the things we wanted it to. At a price and operational support level we wanted. That’s why we build Performativ.

The team

Founded in the Covid-19 pandemic, we embraced the power of remote-working. We have people in all time-zones working all hours to build and support our platform.


Albert Geisler Fox


Peter Barry


Joyce Kuo

Front end developer

James Jason

Senior Back-End

Francis Dela Vega

Sr. Front end developer

Jee Ann Rivera

Full-stack developer

Mads Wind

Project Manager